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Generally from the age of 50, the face loses its volume.
To enhance the youthfulness of the skin, DECLÉOR developed a complete response to help the skin reactivate its vital functions: EXCELLENCE DE L'ÂGE.
The innovative "lipofilling" volume-effect technology, combined with a unique cocktail of four Essential Oils with firming properties:
• Iris, Frankincense, Immortelle and Camomile, reinforces the performance of the targeted plant active ingredients that compose this overall anti-ageing care range:
• Aurone Extract helps densify the skin,
• The Bioactive Plant Patch – Extracts of Sweetcorn, Saiko and Serine – helps firm and smooth the skin,
• White Willow Polyphenols, Inca Inchi Oil and Bellis Extract nourish, illuminate and protect it.
• Magnolia Essential Oil and the Sol-Collagenine Complex help renew the skin (EXCELLENCE AROMESSENCE™ and BALM).
The skin regains its original vital force!
For heightened effectiveness, apply the AROMESSENCE™ EXCELLENCE – Ultra-Regenerating Serum – before using your day care.

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