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Aromessence Meet our true
botanical powerhouse

A concentrate OF
plant power captured IN
a single bottle

Nature is the image of perfection. On the one hand, we have Essential Oil, a plant’s most powerful fraction, its “natural antibiotic.” On the other, we have Botanical Oil, source of essential nutrients, energy reservoir. In their raw, natural state, still within the plant these two components make up the vital sap of a plant. Brought together within a single Aromessence bottle, they concentrate all the power of nature to restore skin’s original strength and beauty.

raw and intact

Aromessence is a universal Oil-serum.
Its bottle contains nothing but the best of nature for skin. It keeps only the premium, doing away with the superfluous.
Active raw materials whose potency is not diluted with water.

The secret of its immaculate formula









A force of nature

Just like the world’s greatest antidotes, Aromessence is endowed with a host of different powers:
« Aromessence Neroli, the first Oil-Serum I ever created, is a concentrate of Essential Oils.

Powerful in the smallest doses, just 3 drops are enough to:
- Re-balance the epidermis and its “garden” of cells,
- Preserve skin’s ecosystem,
- Amplify the efficacy of daily care products. »

Solange Dessimoulie


Results are forthcoming. In just a few days, skin’s radiance is re-ignited, its texture is refined, all of its bounce is restored.