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Aromessence Svelt

Body Refining Oil-Serum All skin types

This oil-serum with Essential oils helps refining body skin appearance.

Rich in nourishing plant oils, it fuses with the skin, beautifies it and helps restore its softness. Under the action of the self-massage technique*, it helps reducing the orange peel appearance.


Immediately, the skin is beautified, the skin texture appears refined, the orange peel looks smoothed. 

Serum-oil duos

Together with Aroma Svelt :

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Associated treatment

Aroma Blend

Ideal for: All skin types

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  • Apply firm and strong smoothing using both hands placed flat (gesture to be performed 2-3 times).

  • Apply kneading motions with both hands (gesture to be performed 2-3 times on each leg).

  • 3. Apply percussions with hand closed (gesture to be performed 2-3 times on each leg).


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