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3 tips for a simple, enjoyable detox

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As we welcome spring and its longer, warmer days, it may be time to leave behind the cold weather and all the bad habits that came with it. No more spending the day inside! The beginning of the sunny season is the perfect occasion to start your detox and adopt a healthier, more active way of life. And with these 3 tips, cleansing your body and clearing your mind has never been easier.

Smile and say: zucchini spaghetti!

Who said that drinking vegetable juices for several weeks is the only way to successfully detox? A few good diet habits might just do the trick, while still keeping your eating pleasure. The trick is to replace heavy dishes with healthier ones and incorporate detox ingredients to your meals: with the right recipe, your brain won’t even notice the change, you will still feel content after you’ve finished eating, and the deliciousness of the meals will keep you in a motivated and strong-willed mood!

For example, why not swap pasta with zoodles (zucchini noodles)? Say goodbye to gluten and hello to all the wonders of this very low calorie vegetable – only 17 calories per 100g! Vitamins A and C, potassium, antioxydants… Zucchinis are your skin and body’s best ally and can be cooked in a variety of tasty recipes.

Feel as light as a feather

Sports is not optional if you want to detox and get your health back on track.

If you want to feel light, what better activity than Antigravity Yoga could there be?

All you need to take flight is curiosity and a hammock. It consists in a series of postures, both on the ground and in the air in a mix of Pilates, yoga, gymnastics and fitness. An incredibly fun activity, with countless benefits. The different positions are good for your spine and sense of balance. It can help to increase strength and body awareness, and most of all, you will lift up your mood while lifting up your body. You will be totally addicted to this feeling of freedom you get when hanging in the air like a circus acrobat.

Put grapefruit in your smoothie – and on your skin

Everybody knows about the wonders of grapefruit, one of the world’s healthiest foods. Very low in calorie, it is packed with vitamins and can help with weight loss. It is therefore the darling of every health guru.

But people know less about its benefits when turned into an essential oil – and that’s a shame. Of all the elixirs nature can provides, grapefruit essential oil is the best to incorporate into a detox. Weight-loss booster, body cleanser and sugar-craving stopper: what more can you ask for? Oh, you want it to bust stress as well? Just add a few drops in your bath and wash away your stress.


So here you have it: 3 simple life hacks to gently but effectively start your detox. Ready to take on the challenge? 

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