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4 Workouts We Love

Published on 06/04/2016

The Dailey Method

Recipe:  Add up ballet barre work, yoga, Pilates, orthopedic exercises and a good soundtrack. You’ll rediscover forgotten muscle groups and those abs deep down inside, yes they’re there!  It’s a vigorous workout without any harsh movements and it’s safe for everybody.  Plus classes finish up with a back massage.

Results:  A focus on alignment for better posture with a lot of stretching to elongate muscles.



Ballet Beautiful

Recipe:  Ballet-inspired workout with targeted exercises somewhere in between athletics and grace. Founder Mary Helen Bowers, a former dancer with the New York City Ballet, trained Natalie Portman for ”Black Swan” and many of Victoria’s Angels. That sets the bar; she says it’s within reach.

Results:  Artistic, athletic AND attainable. Just look at Mary Helen’s Instagram and her beautiful pictures…



WundaBar Pilates

Recipe:  Pilates reinvented with the WundaFormer, an incredible all in one machine that combines the ballet bar, the jump board, the wunda chair and the reformer.  Focuses on arms, abs and legs!  Actress Vanessa Hudgens is already a fan of this cardio driven workout created by Amy Jordan, a celebrity trainer and surfer.

Results:  Fitness, strength, and good things like that energy you didn’t even know you had. And where did those long, lean muscles and abs come from?  Most importantly there’s no direct impact on your joints.




Recipe:  This exercise program conceived just for women is based on yoga, Pilates, meditation and dance and promises to wake up your sensuality (the name comes from the Hindu god of love). Created by Dr. Melissa Hershberg, a former Canadian gymnast, the workout focuses on your outer and inner pelvic core. It looks like you’re almost not moving yet it’s highly efficient.

Results:  A toned lower body and a boost to your libido.




*Images courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

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