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Aroma Blend Ritual

Published on 04/04/2016

It all starts out with a few questions to ascertain my general emotional and physical condition as well as my expectations. Am I tired?  Stressed-out?  Moody? Do I suffer from stiff, tired, swollen legs or a bloated stomach? Do I wish to be thinner? More toned? Each of these specifications will correspond to one of four dedicated body care concentrates. I also get a whiff of some divine scents, a mixture of lemon, mint, cedar, rose, geranium, jasmine… I follow the seductive power of the fragrances and I pick out a few. My choice is motivated by a spontaneous impulse and it should have a positive incidence on my mind, and consequently on my body. Through the conclusion of all of these parameters the beauty therapist finalizes my made to measure mixture of essential oils and botanical oils which is the basis of the treatment I’m about to undergo, a body concentrate accorded to an emotional statement for a comprehensive care in which the olfactory-therapeutic dimension should improve the topical action. My inclination? Harmony and firmness, which would calm my spirit and firm up my body.

The cabin ambience is like a cocoon bathed in soft light. I undress and snuggle up under a soft towel on the heated mattress. I close my eyes and listen to a gracious voice giving instructions: enjoy the fragrance, breathe slowly with your stomach… I let go and embark on a sensory journey. Back, belly, arms, legs, feet, hands, every part of my body is massaged, remodelled, like someone hit reset. It is intense.  One of the particularities of the treatment is active participation like deep breathing at precise moments. It is indispensable because “through conscientious respiration techniques we completely open up the diaphragm. That’s the organ that allows for the circulation of energies, the evacuation of toxins, the in-depth rebalancing of the body,” the therapist explains. The treatment finishes up with some stretches. At the end I feel both rested and energized, having been tense and tired when I arrived.  I ardently feel every zone of my body, I have the delicious sense of existing completely. I think that's it, the harmony of the body and the spirit.


By Charlotte Guillemin-Laumonier

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