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Aromatherapy skin care: innovative textures for an infinity of beauty benefits

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Textures come and go depending on the innovations. Most of them are more than just a trend: they multiply the possibilities, the sensations and the beauty benefits of aromatherapy skin cares. Let it reinvent your beauty routine!


New textures on a daily basis

When it comes to texture, do you prefer light or rich? Foamy or creamy? The choice is yours and your beauty routine is yours to compose. Decléor aromatherapy skin cares have always explored all the possibilities to create new sensorial products. By incorporating essential oils in the formulas, textures become more delicate and melting.

Aromatherapy skin cares like the Aromessence Rose d’Orient Soothing night balm combines Damask rose, neroli and chamomile essential oils – three comforting and calming elixirs – with almond and blackcurrant wax. The meeting of rich and thick ingredients with the fluidity of essential oils create a surprising feel. The delicious texture wraps the skin in a regenerating cocoon of warmth... who knew wax could feel so silky and soft on the skin?


Experience professional aromatherapy skin care

To realize how much textures can be transformative and new to our senses, you’ll have to push the door of a Decléor Institute & SPA, where every ritual is an unprecedented experience. When preparing your own healthy first meal of the day, you probably never thought your skin could enjoy a good breakfast as well. Well, think again.

The core of the mythical Aromaplastie professional treatment is a muesli mask. Enriched with flax, wheat and sunflower, the weight and warmth of this aromatherapy skin care nourishes the skin softly for a delicious and appetizing sensation.

The Hydra Floral  mask combines fruit powder and flower syrup for an exquisite compote-like texture that moisturize the skin. And these are just a few examples of all the wonders new textures can do!


At home or in a Decléor Institute & SPA, let yourself be surprised and enchanted by all those new aromatherapy skin cares.

When you take into account the number of potential natural ingredients and the growing number of cosmetic innovations, you’ll have to admit that there could be no end to experimentation with textures. And that is far from being a bad news!

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