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Be all dazzling for the holiday season

Published on

You should not have to choose between energy and festivities! Follow these easy tips to fully live the end-of-year parties with an active body, an energized mind and a glowing skin.

For a body full of energy, it’s the small gestures that matter

Between Christmas feasts and New Year’s Eve appetizers, chances of feeling more stuffed than the Christmas Turkey are high. And as the sensation of fullness rises, energy levels plummet. Of course, it’s not a reason to stay away from the delicious Holiday dishes, you can do a lot more than you think to feel light after a heavy meal! For example, be sure to chew 10 times before swallowing to make your stomach’s job easier, or you could also trade your cup of coffee for a fennel or mint infusion. Your belly will thank you!

And as a bonus gesture to pamper your body, take 5 minutes every day to practice self-massaging: gently rub your skin with circular motions to reactivate its microcirculation. It will have a rejuvenating, stimulating and detoxing effect on your body.

Treat your mind to the wonders of essential oils

Since our olfactory receptors are directly connected to the limbic system, which is the most ancient and primitive part of our brain, there seems to be a correlation between the scents of some essential oils and our mood.

Capitalize on it. In the morning and during the day, go for ginger essential oils, a true energy booster to fire up your mood. It is truly invigorating and has stimulant effects on the nervous system. Just take a few drops in your hands and breathe in deeply to recharge yourself with aromachological vibrations for a truly invigorating boost. When you’re about to sleep, breathe in sweet orange essential oils. Their calming effect on the brain will ensure a good night’s sleep and will give you all the rest you need to start the next day fully energized. The possibilities and benefits are endless; for every worry of the mind, there will be an essential oil.

Instantly boost the radiance of your skin

Last piece of advice to dazzle during the holiday season: if you want an instant glow for Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Eve party, you should try the Aurabsolu Instant glow hydrogel mask. Infused with an expert blend of essential oils and Jasmine Absolute, it is ideal to restore your luminosity and refresh your glow as efficiently as a revitalizing nap… literally. 83% of women who have tried it find that the skin features of their face look more rested, just like after a good night’s sleep.

You’re now ready to live your holiday festivities to the fullest and sparkle more than champagne!

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