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Boost your energy

Published on 09/12/2016

Feeling down and tired? Running for time – and after yourself? Maybe you’re lacking energy. Here we’ve gathered 7 tips for you that can pick you up and help you feel better this autumn (and in every future season).

-Think “what about me?” Yes, you can say no sometimes (and it feels sooo good when you finally do). Maybe you want to see that movie rather than looking after your grandkids (what?), or maybe you want to spend some time shopping with your girlfriends rather than going to the clubhouse with your husband. Every now and then try to make some time for yourself and your own needs. It’s a real necessity and so liberating to be able to do what you really want to do.

-Choose (what you eat). Your digestive system uses almost 60% of bodily power after a meal, so you should think twice about what you eat in order to optimize the energy expended on digestion. Focus on a vitamin-rich diet throughout the day: choose fresh berries, unprocessed nuts, cabbage, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, spinach (for magnesium), mushrooms (for iron) – and don’t forget ginger, it will really help to boost your mood.

-Sleep (tight). Sleeping is such a good thing (think about bears and all of those hibernators)! It’s what we do during 50% of our lifetimes and how we do it directly effects our waking hours. Try not to eat too much in the evening and create a bedtime ritual for yourself to make sure you’re relaxed when you get into bed. And wake up with the sun in the morning so you don’t miss a single minute of the day!

 -Drink (more). We all know that we need to drink a lot, 8 glasses of water per day, and it can never be said often enough because our bodies and our brains are 80% water. Don’t even think about going to see the doctor or taking any medication before you make sure that you’re drinking enough and completely hydrated! There are so many mineral waters on the market today and fashionable water bars are popping up everywhere! Buy it in advance so you never run out at home. Also, it’s soup season again, yum!

-Activate. During the day go out and get some exercise, or just go for a walk. It will help get your blood pumping to reenergize. At home, there are so many new apps and websites nowadays you can easily find a workout you love that meets your needs and fits into your schedule.

-Get back to nature. Autumn is the season of bright earthy colours, red, yellow and orange. Embrace the refreshing feeling in the air, the scent of wet woods and the fireplace. Take a break in a park or forest and enjoy! Stay in the moment to recharge your energy. Also, autumn days have that particular light and beautiful sunsets…

-Surprise yourself. Remember that yoga retreat you’ve wanted to do since… way too long? Why wait any longer? Let’s do it! Make yourself surprises and treat yourself to everything you enjoy. 

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