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Clove is in the air with Decléor!

Published on 10/03/2016

Cloves are the answer and we’ll tell you why : With the arrival of spring/summer, you’re getting ready to wax! We all know it’s one of the easiest, fastest, and most economical choices when it comes to hair removal. So, listen! Do you want to know a secret? It’s cloves! Décleor has channeled them into their best selling product “Aroma Epil Expert”, creating the essential post waxing product to have in your bathroom.

Clove Essential Oil, used in Chinese herbal medicine since the Han dynasty, comes from distilling the freshly gathered flowers before they are dried in the sun. It takes 7kg of dried clove flower buds to make 1kg of essential oil ! In the signature bee yellow tube, choose either gel or cream for its soothing effect on face and body depilations. Enriched with a nourishing blend of cotton milk, shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe vera and clove essential oil, it calms and conditions your skin to alleviate discomfort and soreness. When applied daily, it works to slow down hair re-growth, so you don't have to visit the beauty salon or home-wax as often. After just 6 days, you'll notice a 92% reduction in hair re-growth,ingrowing hairs will be reduced and your skin will feel smooth and comfortable. This is due to the anaesthetic action of clove essential oil on the skin. Peace of mind now comes in a chic yellow tube! Or, to paraphrase John Lennon “(C)Love is the answer“ !

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