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Published on 12/14/2016

Dazzling make-up for Christmas, smoky eyes for New Years Eve: during the festivities, we all want to look our best and shine throughout the night. But we also know the struggle when it is time to get rid of all the foundation and eye shadow that have been piling up on the skin. Do you dream of an easy cleansing and a perfect skin? Well double cleansing is definitely for you. And it’s easily included in your aromatherapy skincare routine.


What is double cleansing?

This Asian skin-care trend has recently known a peak of popularity among South Korea beautistas seeking a perfect skin. But it goes back a long way – in Korea, but also in Japan, from where the ritual might originate centuries ago. It was supposedly born out of necessity, to get rid of the oshiroi, the white powder the Japanese women covered their faces with to enhance their beauty. This very sticky, paint-like make-up was impossible to clean off with the usual cleansers while still preserving a perfect skin.
And so double cleansing was born. The effectiveness of this two-step face wash is a simple question of chemistry. Keep in mind that water and oil don’t mix: to remove one, you can’t use the other. That is why the oil-based cleanser is used to remove oil-based impurity: sebum, sunscreen, make-up… And following this first clean-up, the water-based cleanser gets rid of water-based impurities: sweat, old skin cells, bacteria and dust. Thanks to double cleansing, you’re only two cotton pads away from a pure and perfect skin!

Aromatherapy skincare & double cleanse

It is no secret that cleansing is the most essential step of a beauty routine – especially before going to bed. By addressing and removing every type of impurity, double cleansing leaves the face glowing and maintains a perfect skin, day after day.
For every skin type, from oily to extremely dry or sensitive, double cleansing is an essential care to include in the beauty routine in general, and in the aromatherapy skincare routine in particular. Find the cleanser that suits you best and try different water-based cleansers to test various textures: do you prefer a milk lotion, a creamy foam, a fresh gel, a micellar water or a micellar oil? You will surely find your happiness among our Aroma Cleanse range: Aroma Cleanse essential tonifying lotion, Aroma Cleanse soothing micellar water, Aroma Cleanse fresh purifying gel, Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Smoothing & Cleansing Mousse, … Find all our cleansers on our website.

Besides making it pure and flawless, this two-step ritual also prepares your skin to make the most out of the other products of your aromatherapy skincare. The pores are neat and clear, and all the active ingredients are quickly absorbed, penetrating deeply and efficiently in the epidermis. Apply your night cream, your favourite serum or any products you love from your aromatherapy skincare after a double cleansing to magnify its benefits: you’ll see the difference almost instantaneously!

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