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Elemi Essential Oil

Published on 01/06/2016

This amazing essential oil is a valuable asset when it comes to promoting a healthy mind in a healthy body. It offers several outstanding actions bringing benefits for both beauty and serenity.

A beautiful tree found in the Philippines, elemi is recognisable by its huge size (up to 30 metres) and striking white bark.

Unfortunately now an endangered species, this tree is the source of an oil whose properties have achieved an undeniable reputation all over the world since the Middle Ages. Global exploitation of its oil currently amounts to just 200 tonnes per year, making it even more valuable. To obtain its famous essential oil, we first need to extract the resin from the tree and then distil it using steam.

An ally for skin radiance

Elemi essential oil offers many benefits for the skin. This is why it is used in the Life Radiance Crème Double Éclat - a combination of a smooth cream and a refreshing gel enriched with Elemi and Saro essential oils - because radiant skin is healthy skin.

Harmonising benefits

The benefits of this essential oil do not stop there. Elemi oil also acts on the mind and helps to align energies. Surprisingly, it also promotes relaxation, stress relief and renewed energy. It can be used as a balm or massaged into the skin, in particular along the spine, for a toning effect. Its peppery lemon smell awakens the senses and thus promotes balance. The secret to beauty and serenity.

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