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Essential oil of bergamot

Published on 11/18/2016

With its delicate and fruity fragrance, essential oil of bergamot transports you to a land of relaxation. It is also used as an ingredient in regenerating skincare products.

Tea lovers will be familiar with the distinctive note of bergamot in Earl Grey! As well as delicately flavouring our breakfasts and tea breaks, this tropical plant found mainly in Italy offers many more benefits. Its invigorating lemony fragrance makes essential oil of bergamot (or citrus bergamia), derived from the peel or zest of the fruit, a breath of fresh air and energy.

For cleansing

Its recognised antiseptic properties make essential oil of bergamot a welcome addition to the home. A few drops in an essential oil diffuser help to purify the air. Lovers of citrus flavours can enjoy it as an infusion, a drop added to a cup of hot water helps to ward off germs.

Its lemony overtones are also very useful in cooking to bring out the flavour of savoury dishes such as fish and shell fish, as well as sweet creations. Its slightly bitter note complements fruits (fruit salads with preserves), flavours fromage frais and replaces orange in a chocolate dessert.

An essential oil to regenerate the skin and relax

Together with mandarin essential oil, bergamot forms the signature note of the Aromessence mandarine range, designed to help prevent and smooth the appearance of wrinkles.
Finally, essential oil of bergamot promotes a balanced mind, thanks to its soothing and stimulating properties. To maximise its soothing effect, mix one or two drops of essential oil with a cream or neutral oil and treat yourself to a stomach massage, working in a clockwise direction or from your hips towards your navel. For guaranteed relaxation.

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