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Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

Published on 06/29/2016

Sophie Gilarski, Decléor’s head of Education Training and Chinese medicine enthusiast, talks about how to get your body and mind ready for holiday (yes, there’s a preparation for everything!).


Time to go backless and show off your back this summer. Scrub your back to get rid of dead skin cells and regenerate your skin by hydrating abundantly. At Decléor we have wonderful products like 1000 Grains Body Scrub to use at home or try our 30 minute Scrub Massage in our salons. The earlier you start, the more your skin will benefit and the easier the regenerating process. Oh, and don’t just scrub your face but your whole body!


Your body and your skin need to be prepared for the sun. Some of us will be exposed for the first time in the year… Take advantage of the sensations of summer: enjoy the heat, listen to the birds sing in the morning, feel the wind on your skin; take a moment and experience how you feel. This is the time of year to open up to your senses, try to perceive what’s going on inside you. Summery scents, walking barefoot in the sand, there are a lot of things happening outside, let’s get connected to the world that’s surrounding us!


I love to work with my hands to express myself. Try using your own hands and do something creative. Summer is not the time to overthink. Creativity comes from inside. It’s important to follow your instinct and do intuitive things, and not ask yourself too many questions.  It’s time to recharge your batteries. Oh and don’t physically overexert yourself - summer is yang so short efforts are more suitable. And don’t get overexcited or angry because your heart can be strained more than at any other time of year. Avoid going for long runs in the heat. Stay calm and think about what makes you happy or what you’re attracted to. Ask yourself and follow your own desires. Every year I prepare my virtual creative suitcase for vacation way before I leave: I love to draw so I put my inspirations together, pictures I love, my notes and pencils, so I am only in the present moment during vacation, experiencing and enjoying it entirely.


They are so important! A lot of meridians are underfoot. My advice is take a footbath. In Chinese medicine the bath has to be very hot but you can cool it down in summer – never icy cold though. You can also add refreshing plants or essential oils like mint, coriander, lavender, sage or lemon… Try massaging your feet with these oils, they’re great antiseptics.


Start nourishing your hair way before the summer. I love to mix vegetal oils like coconut or aloe vera. Try leaving it on your hair for an hour. It’s even better if you can leave it for a whole night before washing it out in the morning with a mild shampoo.


We all want to have a nice silhouette for the summer but take it easy on yourself! Don’t be too ambitious with your goals, if you want to lose 500g per week that’s fine. Reduce food quantities (protein) until the summer – we don’t need to eat as much in summer- and increase your daily dose of sports and everything should be fine! It’s already hot outside so don’t exhaust your body with hard to digest heavy foods. My favourite summer dish? Cucumber soup: boil the cucumber in water, add soy cream, coriander and basil, and add some melon balls just before chilling it in the fridge. It’s not gazpacho and it is easier to digest than raw veggies. In Chinese medicine summer is the heart season so eat red and orange foods like peppers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, oranges, etc.


Never drink ice cold fluids! Digestion can freeze and might trouble your body. If you want a cold sensation, add mint, coriander or lime, making drinks feel fresh without the cold temperature. We all love ice cream, but it’s better to have a scoop in the middle of the afternoon on an empty stomach rather than at the end of a meal.

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