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Published on 01/04/2016

What does it take to be happy? Feeling good in your own skin is an excellent start! The secret lies in striking the right balance between mindfulness – appreciating the here and now - and self-indulgence (yes! Let yourself eat cake!). It also means knowing when to switch off (turn off that smartphone!), relax and re-center your thoughts on a sense of purpose. It doesn’t have to be purpose with a capital P – just something, any little thing, that means something to you. A few examples: Taking 10 minutes to savor a cup of green tea, without doubling up on other tasks at the same time. Or how about stopping by the local florist, just to admire the colors and inhale the smell of fresh blossoms? At the end of the day, true happiness can only come from being kind to yourself. Listen to what your body, mind and soul need, whether through meditation or spending a few precious minutes alone. You’ll be amazed at how much bliss really hides in the little things on march 20th when all the news will be talking about the International Day of Happiness.

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Published on 01/04/2016

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