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How to live, look and feel your best in 2017

Published on 03/06/2017

While festivities are made to enjoy ourselves, January is the right time to put the excesses behind and adopt a new, healthier way of life. A healthful diet, a new sporting habit and the (re)discovery of essential oils: you’re just a few good resolutions away to a perfectly recharged skin, body and mind in 2017.

Go green! 

To get your diet back on track and pamper your body and skin, get everything that isn’t green out of your fridge. But that doesn’t mean you should only eat lettuce for the next few months!

Take this opportunity to try out new ingredients, like Kale. This super greenie is the darling of dermatologists, nutritionists and foodies, and actually one of the most healthy and nutritious plant foods in the world. A single cup (70g) of this member of the cabbage family contains 136% of your Recommended Dietary Allowance in Vitamin C – more than a whole orange –, 206% of the RDA in Vitamin A, and up to 684% of the RDA in Vitamin K! All this nutrients and more, for just 33 calories. What more can you ask for?


Ask yourself: what would a yogi do?

Not surprisingly, the answer will often be: “do Yoga” – but also “keep your calm” and “focus on what really matters”. If you haven’t already, 2017 must be the year during which you discover the joys of Yoga, and all the benefits you can get from it – from a firm body to a balanced mind.

If you’re looking to go further and discover a new sporting activity while still keeping a Zen side, why not try the Barre workout? This new trend mixes yoga, ballet and Pilates and is all about focus and precision. Take up a series of postures and keep your body still during each position to work on balance and target specific muscles. This perfect workout is often done in 60 minutes top and will improve posture, muscle definition, weight loss and energy level. Grab your best friend, enrol in the closest class and don’t forget to pack your peppermint essential oil to warm and pamper your sore muscles after an intense session!


Essential oils will be your best allies

In the upcoming 365 days, no matter what mood you’re in, you can always count on olfactotherapy. Even if possibilities and benefits are almost limitless, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy essential oils.

In need of a boost to fight the afternoon slump? Use rosemary or pine essential oil. These two fresh, invigorating aromas will help to relieve fatigue and give you all the energy you need. Looking to relax after a hard day? Breath in Ylang-Ylang essential oil. Its calming and uplifting effects help with cheerfulness and optimism while soothing fearfulness, anxiety and blood pressure. So anytime you need it, stop and smell essential oils: it only takes a few second and will definitely make your day!


If you follow these 3 simple advices to reach serenity throughout the year there is only one question left: what are you going to do with all this energy in 2017? 

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