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In a Nutshell

Published on 05/02/2016

Have you ever wondered why squirrels fight over hazelnuts? As one of Decléor's main botanical oils, your skin is going to love them too.  

Generally associated with autumn, hazelnuts are even better in the springtime, as a facial oil that is - and the Decléor teams travel all the way to Turkey to bring it back in its purest form, as it is a first cold pressed virgin oil.  It has the excellent virtue of creating a genuine protective barrier for the skin and helps it maintain hydration levels while not being particularly oily.

A non-oily oil? Yup. The perfect solution for a season during which your skin still needs proper protection but without that ultra-rich feeling you love and need so much in winter. In other words, it’s the best oil for this season as it will protect your skin from the outside aggressions.

"Such first cold pressed extra virgin oils as hazelnut oil are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, penetrating cell membranes and structures, having a genuine effect on the cell’s life. Hazelnut oil has high levels of omega 9 and vitamins A and E.  Its texture is fluid and is quickly absorbed by skin, leaving it satiny without any greasy feeling,” says Pierre Albano, Doctor in Pharmacy and Aromachologist.

First-pressed hazelnut oil sounds like a fancy salad dressing, and it actually could be: Decléor’s botanical oils are so pure, you could almost eat them. Decléor’s ambassador, Solange Dessimoulie, always says that if you can eat it, you can put it on your skin!

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