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(Live from the Decleor Institute) Behind the Mask

Published on 07/19/2016

Come with me to the brand new Decléor Institute in the heart of Paris for an “essential” facial with a secret weapon: a bespoke made-to-measure mask, tested just for you!

Upon my arrival at the salon Cathy Billaudaz, Education Trainer for Decléor France – and the nimble fingered magician who is about to take care of my skin -- brings me to see something very original and interesting: It’s the mixing table. Here you can touch, smell and feel different products and formulas, and playfully get acquainted with them! The presentation is made in a way so you can understand how custom-made care is put together.

Professional masks

On one hand there are body treatments with the Aroma Blend concept: four different principles for body care.  On the other hand are the facials with the high performance professional masks, and that’s what I’m here for today! Which one will be mine? Lift Experience (iris powder, pink clay, talc and kaolin) will remodel my facial contour. Aromaplastie (linen powder, wheat seeds and sunflower) will give me an incredible and instantaneous skin radiance boost. Aroma Lisse (mandarin essential oil, galanga and hyaluronic acid) will immediately smooth wrinkles. Harmonie Calm (ruscus, blueberry and liquorice) will pamper even the most sensitive skin. All of these and many more! Each specific recipe has its own heavenly fragrance and delicious texture, like muesli, a smoothie, fruit compote…

Time for bliss

The moment has come to enter the cabin for an hour of bliss! The bed is warm, the music is soft, and the towel is fluffy. It is truly a cocoon inviting me to completely let go, which is “absolutely necessary to make skin responsive to the treatment,” says Cathy. We start discussing my skin concerns. Cathy will give me her diagnosis once my make-up has been removed and my face has been exfoliated. She explains, “We try to achieve the perfect combination of the client’s desires and what her skin needs.”

Made to measure for me

What’s next? My skin is elastic, which is good, but dry and very thin - too much sun! Cathy decides to prepare a Hydrafloral mask, mixing apple pectin with a floral syrup. Before applying it to my face she follows a meticulous ritual which begins with a sophrology-inspired aromatic welcome, followed by a back massage and then a facial detox with acupressure. All of this is so completely relaxing to my body and mind, and my skin should be receptive to the facial. My face is now ready for the mask. It is fresh and sensual, and it feels like nothing could be better than this to nourish my skin.

Special treats

While the mask sets I enjoy a hand and arm massage. Then Cathy applies a moisturizing gel enriched with Ylang Ylang Balm for minor imperfections on my face, as well as Aroma Lisse Repulping Care on my eye area and on my lips. The treatment ends with a final series of body stretching. Nothing is set aside for my wellbeing…

I leave the spa feeling amazing! My skin is supple, revived and so soft! I have just journeyed to an extraordinary interior world, I feel rested and relaxed. Peacefully beautiful.

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