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MULTI-MASKING: Get your skin exactly what it needs

Published on 11/02/2016

It is both amazing and worrying to see how many issues combinations your skin can come up with. Have you ever wondered how one product could resolve all these problems? Well, it can’t. Whether you’re choosing a moisturizing or a purifying mask, there will always be an unhappy part of your face. 

No need to make compromises with your skin anymore

Your T-Zone can be very oily in the morning, while your cheekbones feel like sandpaper. Your chin and forehead may need a good exfoliation, while the eyes area is always very sensitive. You don’t know which facial care to choose? Well, this is where the Multi-Masking steps in. To begin, list and target all your skin problems: redness, blackheads, wrinkles... Delineate areas and apply the specific product. Decléor’s masks, with its twofold effectiveness, are your best allies to meet your skin’s multidimensional needs. To clean and refine skin texture on the T-zone, apply the Aroma Pureté 2 in 1 purifying and oxygenating mask and enjoy its vitalizing exfoliating texture when massaged. To reduce small wrinkles, protect sensitive areas like eyes or lips contour and treat your skin to a truly hydrating soak, use the Hydra Floral ultra-moisturising & plumping mask. Its unique creamy texture transforms into a delicate oil when massaged. You can also use the Harmonie Calm Comforting Milky gel-cream mask with rose essential oil to soothe the dry areas like the forehead or the jawline… The possibilities are endless and adaptable to anyone. Application time can vary from one product to another, so keep an eye on your watch!

A professional’s advice

Rozenn Rio, Decléor beauty therapist, advises to apply the masks in the evening after removing your make-up. Leave on for 10 minutes while massaging with gentle circular movements. Careful not mix the products to avoid antagonist effects! You can then rinse the skin with water and lotion, and conclude the ritual with your usual night cream.

A trend even recommended by dermatologists

Multi-masking takes into account the complexity of the skin and the unequal distribution of sebaceous glands. That way, every inch of your face gets exactly what it needs. When you look at it like that, it seems logical. So logical that dermatologists are actually recommending to follow that trend! However, they warn against an excess of products and ingredients: the more there are, the more there is a risk of allergy. Keep in mind that skin loves routine. Be sure to test the ingredients one by one to figure out which one is the most effective for you. Once you find the perfect combination, stick to it! You’ll have the ultimate mask to regenerate, nourish and balance your skin.

Multi-masking is way more than a trend: it is an intelligent answer to meet our skin’s needs. Try it at home with your friends or let our Beauty Therapist guide you through it!

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