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Must-Go: Antigym®

Published on 05/27/2016

Forget everything you know about sports. What!? Well, what if forcing yourself to exercise with movements that are poorly adapted to your body is actually harming you in the long run? The Antigym concept is an intelligent physical activity that will ease muscle soreness, twists and stiffness, help you know your body better and feel good from the inside out. In other words, custom stretching and an utterly original mindful anti-sport approach to get into shape and stay relaxed. Classes are held all over the world.



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Guru of the Month: Aria Crescendo

Published on 05/04/2016

Dancer, singer, athlete, yoga guru and celebrity coach, Aria Crescendo is an energetic and uber creative individual. 

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The World Belongs to Early Risers

Published on 09/04/2016

The Miracle Morning caused quite a stir in United States and has recently been released in France.  Author “guru” Hal Elrod spreads the word on rising early - very early - and reveals the positive impact it can have on our everyday lives.  Let’s have a closer look: 

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