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Orexcellence, the secret to your new energy

Published on 09/05/2016

Introducing the new face care anti-aging line from Decléor.

Time flies, seasons change, new life chapters begin along with many good resolutions. Even though the holidays are over Decléor has a huge surprise waiting for you this autumn. We are very excited to launch our new Orexcellence line, dedicated to re-energising, regenerating and revitalising mature skin.

We all have a friend, mom, aunt, sister or cousin (or other half) that doesn’t look her age and that everyone is asking: what’s your secret? Now it’s your turn to share the news with your mom, aunt, friend, cousin (or better half)!

Decléor is by your side to boost your energy

As we become older and the cellular renewal process slows down there is a loss of facial density and skin can be dull. To treat these particular needs Decléor is launching the Orexcellence line, 5 anti-aging treatments, each in an attractive golden package: Aromessence Magnolia Youthful Oil Serum, Energy Concentrate Youth Cream, Energy Concentrate Youth Mask, Energy Concentrate Youth Eye Care and Aromessence Magnolia Youthful Night Balm.

Botanical treasures

The botanical world offers so many effective resources, Decléor’s scientifically proven passion.  Made with love from the highest quality plant-origin essential oils, Orexcellence relies on 3 specific ingredients from nature:

- Magnolia (Michelia Alba) essential oil which fights the effects of aging and actively redensifies skin

- Peony (Paeonia Albiflora), a plant utilised in medicine since antiquity, a symbol of wealth and immortality. Peony root is a botanical treasure that helps redefine the facial contour by stimulating skin cell communication.

- Ginger (Zingiber Officinale), a revitalising feel-good root for body and mind.

Re-shaped + re-cushioned + re-vived rosy skin

Each Orexcellence product is your ally for rejuvenating skin, body and mind. Aromessence Magnolia is a super-serum that targets aging like nothing else can and it deeply nourishes skin with a gossamer texture. Follow up with Energy Concentrate Youth Cream, a velvety textured daily revitalising necessity enriched with mango and shea butter, to repulp and tone skin. Use Energy Concentrate Youth Eye Care to wake up your eye zone with decongesting caffeine and a skin firming peptide cocktail, to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Fall in love with Energy Concentrate Youth Mask, its creamy texture full of active anti-aging ingredients; it hydrates, plumps and makes you glow! And when the alarm clock rings have perfect morning skin after a night with Aromessence Magnolia Youthful Night Balm on, the ideal battery recharging companion for increased hydration and vitality.

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