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Powders and Seeds Are the Latest Craze in Super-Nutrients

Published on 08/03/2016

In 2016 we shall consume superfoods mainly as powders and seeds added into any dish.  And we’ll discover many new exotic products with magical powers!

You certainly know about superfoods, those pure, natural and untreated products that come from plants, flowers, fruits or roots. We totally love them!  With incredibly high concentrations of nutrients and phytonutrients (vitamins, proteins, enzymes, essential amino acids, minerals, fibers and antioxidants) they are ultra-beneficial for our bodies and spirits.  And, ladies, they can (almost) guarantee eternal youth!

Today cooking quinoa and kale or eating wolfberries has become the norm.  And now many extraordinary magical plants are on their way from the other side of the planet. Magical as they have multitudes of health benefits, like chia (from South America) and garcinia cambogia (from India), both of which control hunger; amaranth (from Mexico) fights fatigue; baobab (from Africa) is a great stimulant; and rhodiola (from Siberia) prevents stress.

Our favorite?  Definitely chia.  The Aztecs utilized it for increasing strength and stamina.  Not only does it curb the appetite, but it is highly concentrated in Omega-3, one of our best friends in the department of staying young!  And special mention goes to baobab, the mythical African tree of life, which settles the stomach remarkably and improves mental clarity… because it’s always better to be smart and attractive rather than simply good-looking!

Additionally a new way of consuming these exotic super-nutrients is on the rise: they are sold as powders or seeds, ready to be sprinkled into salads, soups, smoothies, yogurts or sauces… Perfect to boost any dish!

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