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Reawaken Your Skin!

Published on 12/04/2016

Reawaken your skin with the new Aurabsolu skincare range which beautifies every hour of the day.

Morning glory

Ah, the pleasure of waking up in the morning well rested, with smooth features and rosy cheeks, like Sleeping Beauty after her 100-year nap. But sometimes skin can be tired and lifeless even after ten hours of deep sleep. You just need that extra little boost to put you and your complexion back on track. To counteract the effects of tired skin, Decléor has searched within its resources and has found the key to radiance: jasmine absolute, the intrinsic ingredient of the Aurabsolu range.

Early bird

Lack of sleep is one skin’s worst enemies. Features lose their sparkle, complexion appears dull and lifeless, dark circles appear. To fight these daily foes, Decléor has created the Aurabsolu ritual, gorged with powerful jasmine absolute that leaves skin feeling rested and radiant. Use Aurabsolu Intense Glow Awakening Cream first thing in the morning and it will help capture skin’s natural light. And to wipe away those oh-so-lack-of-sleep-revealing dark circles apply Intense Glow for Eyes, it’s so invigorating. Your healthy looking skin will be fresh all morning… During the day, take a break. Put aside your computer and phone – just for 5 minutes, promise! – and spritz Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist all over your face. Not only will the lavish floral scent make you smile and relax, your complexion will get that extra boost of energy it needs to keep going until nightfall. Then when you finally leave the day behind, find some time for the ultimate facial reawakening: the all-new Hydrogel Mask, infused with jasmine absolute that restores skin and makes it even more luminous. Aurabsolu is the ideal way to bring intense resplendence to skin from dawn till dusk. A real wakeup call and perfect beauty gear for spring renewal

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