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Revolution your Cooking : Slow’n’Low

Published on 07/04/2016

Low temperature cooking is a healthy option which preserves all the nutrients and vitamins in our plates. Recently rediscovered by the world’s best chefs it is now declined in essential home cooking tools…

“Low temperature cooking is good cooking”, say superchefs such as Alain Ducasse who designed “the crockpot” a white porcelain oven proof dish for cooking savoury and sweet dishes which have a place in Ducasse restaurants worldwide. “Crockpot cooking is a healthy way of cooking; using a slow and low method in a containment vessel prevents excessive nutrient loss, gives the food much more flavor retaining moisture”, he says.  “Find time in your busy schedule to use a crockpot, it’s a healthy option”, adds French chef.

Low-temperature cooking has become one of the key trends of modern professional cooking. It is considered by British chef Heston Blumenthal to be the most important cooking innovation of the last century. “Forget "browning" as a way to seal in flavour: slow'n'low is the key”, say Heston & Co.

Sous-vide (slow cooking in vacuum packs at a set temperature) cooking in sealed packets is nothing new. For centuries, people encased food in something more or less waterproof, and heated it in a water bath. In 1974, French chef Georges Pralus (1940-2014) discovered he could prevent the shrinkage of foie gras during cooking by sealing it in plastic and poaching it slowly. Pralus went on to teach his method to great chefs including Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, and Michel Bras. 

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