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Saro oil

Published on 01/06/2016

Saro essential oil is one of the most widely used essential oils in aromatherapy. And with good reason ... as it is said to "treat all ills".

This is the story of a beautiful tree that grows in Madagascar. The saro is a tree made up of small green leaves and white flowers; almost every part of it can be exploited.  Its Malagasy name, Mandravasarotra, means "wards off evil". A very nice thought! Saro essential oil is widely tolerated and is used to help fend off winter ailments, alleviate various skin discomforts and soothe the mind.

Renovating care

It unleashes its benefits on the skin. In particular, it helps to improve the skin’s appearance, act against skin oxidation and slow down the formation of free radicals. Its astringent action also helps to reduce the appearance of pores. This makes it a valuable oil in the quest for radiant skin.

A magical oil for use around the home

Simply add a few drops to a diffuser, an incense burner, a piece of cloth or soak a cotton pad to spread its citrusy notes around your home. In addition to its sweet fragrance, saro essential oil helps to keep your home healthy and protect you from minor winter ailments. Finally, soothing saro oil promotes a sensation of total relaxation when you come home after a busy day.

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