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Take on your Mind & Body’s Challenges thanks to essential oils!

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Decléor believes in a deep way to detox: no juices, no extreme diets, but essential oils.

All our expertise is condensed in three targeted professional one-month rituals, consisting in 4 sessions of 30 minutes in an Institute. The icing on the cake: you get to go home with an Aroma Svelt product and enjoy the professionnal advice of online Decléor Gurus! All you have to do is find the program that suits you best and grab the corresponding package in your nearest Institute.

Are you ready to go?


Walk on air and be over the moon

Errands, shopping, commute: every day, our legs are severely tested. It’s no surprise you might feel heavy at the end of the day.

For a quick, stunning result on your heavy legs, you’ll need to take on the Walk on air Challenge. Thanks to its precious essential oils, it will do wonders to your body while intensely relaxing your mind. Three calming essential oils (Néroli, chamomile and sweet orange) work in synergy with three invigorating ones (Vetiver, Immortelle and Pepper mint) to boost your blood circulation. After 4 sessions in a Decléor Institute, you can do the follow-up at home thanks to an Aroma Svelt product. A light body and a cleared mind: by the end of the Walk on Air Challenge, you’ll be on cloud nine!

Bounce back and charge forward

It’s spring and it’s time to pull on your favourite pair of shorts! If you’re looking to increase the tonus of your thighs and bottom, a low salt diet and a targeted sports activity – running, swimming, skipping rope… – would be well advised.

In addition, take on the Bounce back Challenge: 3 refining essential oils (grapefruit, marjoram and patchouli) and 3 energizing ones (citrus, chamomile, sweet orange) will improve tonus and orange peel aspect while giving you an irresistible energy boost. After 4 sessions of 30 minutes and an Aroma Svelt product to take back home, you’ll be ready to rock this spring skirt in no time!

A zen tummy is a happy me

Our stomach is our second brain – and as such we need to take care of it. An upset belly is always a bad sign for your health and balance, so pamper it with the Zen Tummy Challenge. Lavender, fennel and sweet orange essential oils will take care of your digestive system, while vanilla, oriental rose and geranium essential oils will soothe and harmonize your mind. Spend 4 sessions of 30 minutes between the hands of our expert beauticians and perpetuate the relaxing effects at home thanks to an Aroma Svelt product. And just like that, you’ll be balanced from head to toe.


Each of these three challenge is a fun, transformative experience to detox, (re)discover the power of essential oils and feel good about yourself. Stunning benefits, with an easy follow-up to preserve it over time: these programs will change you in the long term. Goodbye heavy legs and imbalance… Hello happiness and lightness!

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