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The Art of Cooking with Essential Oils

Published on 05/12/2016

At Decléor we treasure essential oils so the idea of cooking with them is totally exciting and natural too!

Another great way to give your body the benefits of essential oils is to cook with them. Decléor ambassador Solange Dessimoulie always says, “If you can eat it, it’s good for your skin.”

Aromatherapy in your kitchen

“Essential oils can add incredible flavours to any dish,” says chef Daniel Morgan of the trendy restaurant SALT in Paris. “I recommend preparing food with specifically high quality, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. And the essential oil’s label should state whether or not it’s edible,” he adds. A good indication is the presence of a supplement facts label which resembles the standard food nutritional information ticket. French chef/creator and culinary flavourist Aymeric Pataud graduated from the Ritz Escoffier Culinary School in Paris. A true alchemist on a constant quest for new and original savours, after finishing cooking school Aymeric studied aromatherapy at the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, where he developed a real passion for a cuisine centred on natural colours and flavours and created his own aroma concentrates for cooking. “I realised how using them in food preparation impacted my recipes, it’s a very emotional experience.”

A natural flavor

Chef Pataud’s favourite essential oil is bourbon geranium which he uses in fruit tarts. And here’s an at home tip: add them to yogurt, vegetable purees, jams, hot or cold soups, cocktails or even your tea ... just a 2 or 3 drops (never more) for a tasty result that is healthy, original and delicious, an aromatic botanical garden in your kitchen! The French website for culinary essential oils “Baume des Anges” is acclaimed by world famous Michelin starred chefs like Thomas Keller (USA), Philippe Mille (Les Crayères, Reims, France), Arnaud Faye (Chantilly, France) or Dan Barber in NYC, who all use the aromatic concentrates in the kitchen. Essential oils are natural, vegan, sodium and gluten free and have no calories! A great option to add a little zest to summer dishes!




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