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The Most Energetic Day of the Year

Published on 06/20/2016

Our Top 4 inspirations this month all happen on one (very energetic) day, June 21st – 4 great reasons to celebrate summer!

It’s the Solstice! June 21st is the longest day of the year due to the specific alignment of the earth with the sun, which also reaches its zenith. On this day your shadow is the shortest of the year… The solstice arrives ahead of time this year, on June 20th at 10:34 PM – a phenomenon that happens once every 4 years – so you can rejoice even earlier!

It’s Summer! In ancient Egypt it was also the first day of year and the Nile would dramatically swell. The Celts would celebrate Litha on that day– and a big gathering in honour of the goddess is held every year in Stonehenge, UK. This day full of light, hope and life signifies an energetic new beginning and reawakens our consciousness to attain enlightenment. 

It’s International Yoga Day! Pronounced by the United Nations to enhance healthy lifestyle choices, this international celebration recognizes yoga as a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Yes, yoga is officially a way of life! A chance to discover the sutras if you never tried, join your local club or take part in public demonstrations that will happen all over the world. www.idayofyoga.org

It’s World Music Day! This French tradition of “music everywhere” to pay tribute to the solstice was first launched in 1982 and is now celebrated in 120 countries. If you play an instrument, it’s time to show off your talent and express yourself… Sing outside of the shower - or discover some local talent near your home! 

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