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The Science of Scent

Published on 04/06/2016

Decléor has understood the impact of fragrance on human behavior since the brand began in 1974. Without consciously realizing it scents can influence one’s mood like a song or a painting. How many times has even the faintest whiff of lavender made you smile and relax? Aromachology uses essential oils to stimulate profound feelings. Scent is directly transmitted to the limbic system, the center for emotions and memories, without any influence or filtering, and the body unconsciously reacts. With Aromessence, Decléor has created Aromachology-like prescriptions to soothe skin, body and spirit.  

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Guru of the Month : Chico Shigeta

Published on 12/03/2016

Charismatic and effervescent life coach (she’s acclaimed by Sofia Coppola and Isabelle Adjani) and Decléor consultant Chico Shigeta shares her tips and advice about the season’s secrets to looking fabulous on the outside and feeling great on the inside. #To Slim (or Not to Slim) #AromaBlend #Breathe out...

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