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The World Belongs to Early Risers

Published on 09/04/2016

The Miracle Morning caused quite a stir in United States and has recently been released in France.  Author “guru” Hal Elrod spreads the word on rising early - very early - and reveals the positive impact it can have on our everyday lives.  Let’s have a closer look: 

Hal Elrod explains in his latest book that the best time of day to set the basis for progress towards success and self-fulfilment is early in the morning, as early as dawn.  Getting up earlier permits us to dedicate time to ourselves, to the person we want to become, and to follow a daily ritual of meditation, sport and healthy resolutions.

Likewise, every morning before sunrise, anywhere from 5 AM to 7 AM depending on the season, those who practice Kundalini Yoga (an ancestral form and the origin of contemporary yoga) are eager to perform the Sun Salutation, a series of postures which restores harmony and balance to the mind (oxygenation) and the body (energizing muscles, joints and articulations). 

What’s the story morning glory?  How about some real me-time in the bathroom, transforming it into a private spa for an hour while the family is still asleep.  Or pamper yourself with a healthy breakfast, the first step to an all day long good mood starts with the right fuel.  Or why not just leave the house for an hour and go out for a walk, enjoy the magnificent sunrise and nature…

Studies are formal:  getting up early has positive effects on efficiency, state of mind and level of happiness.  It allows us to feel serene and less stressed as the more in tune we are with our environment, the better it suits us.  We should quite simply respect our biological clocks.

We can learn a few things from these guidelines without overdoing it.  It is very important indeed to begin each day rested and relaxed.  In the morning one should get up at least an hour and a half before leaving home. Wise men say that sometimes it is necessary to know how to waste time in order to gain some… 

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