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Top Beauty Challenge for Spring

Published on 05/09/2016

<p><strong>Looking for inspiration to make your routine healthier? Chindaly Quesnot is Decl&eacute;or&rsquo;s Worldwide Training Coordinator and she thinks of everything that might help.&nbsp; Here&rsquo;s her advice.</strong></p>

<p>&ldquo;Spring cleaning is not only for my house but also for my skin, body and mind. Two years ago I went on a weeklong detox retreat in Thailand at a wellness healing Centre to get rid of all of my bad food habits and to rebalance myself overall.&nbsp; I fasted and detoxed with only raw and natural aliments like vegetables, lemon dressings, coconut water, fresh juices and loads of water. The regime helped my body eliminate toxins and the effects were furthered with massage treatments and my Decl&eacute;or survival kit: Neroli Hydrating Night Balm and Neroli Aromessence which really helped out! I was exhausted from travelling and came back so reinvigorated. Before the retreat I had been trying to have a baby for a while and I found out that I became pregnant the week after I got back. Ever since, I decided that every spring I would do what I call my Top Beauty Challenge to help me to be at my best!</p>


<p>Few of us live in a wellbeing centre so good eating habits have to be adapted to everyday life. In the morning I&rsquo;ll make myself a smoothie in the blender with 60% greens and 40% fruit (the sugar content is too high if it&rsquo;s all fruit). Smoothies can be incorporated into your diet all day long but when you work it&rsquo;s easier to drink one in the morning. I try to reduce starchy food and not mix carbs with animal proteins. I also try to increase alkalines (greens, fresh fruits, sprouted seeds, etc.).</p>

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