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Wake Up your Skin for Spring

Published on 05/04/2016

Fiona Brackenbury, Decléor Education Director and guest presenter for Decléor on QVC UK, gives us her best tips on how to wake up your skin for spring.

Have a Day Spa at Home:  By the end of the winter skin lacks the glow we want so badly in spring. Exfoliation is really important to skin renewal. To get rid of that white-grey texture and revitalize your skin exfoliate your face and body twice a week. Scrub elbows, knees and feet.  Everyone should choose one day of the week, like a “spa Sunday,” for this at home ritual: exfoliate, moisturize and massage. Replenish with aromatic oils right after exfoliation, and then treat yourself to a massage – it’s one of the most remarkable things you can do for your skin.  It doesn’t have to last long, it could be just 30 seconds of making circles around your face, forehead and cheeks. Your hands have the incredible restorative power of touch, increasing circulation. The moment you touch your skin you deliver all of the nutrients as well as a certain luster while eliminating toxins!

Hydrate with Oils: One of the greatest oils that Decléor has utilized for over 40 years is Aromessence Néroli. It has the power to hydrate and make skin radiant, it’s like spring in a jar!  A basic oil is great for simple replenishment, yet is missing an essential oil’s deep penetrating power and effects. Have you ever wondered how catwalk models get their great skin? In fact many make-up artists use Aromessence Neroli under foundation to get that fresh dewy sheen and look of spring. 

Get a Salon Treatment: Decléor has just launched Aroma Blend, a new treatment absolutely perfect to prepare your body for summer. It has been conceived to have long lasting effects for body transformation. You fill in a questionnaire about how you’re feeling about your body (bloated, heavy legs, elasticity loss, excess weight), to help you pick the most appropriate treatment. We also ask how you’re feeling emotionally, stressed, imbalanced, etc.  Then we’ll create your unique bespoke essential oil blend which will be applied with different massage techniques. You’ll walk away energized and recharged! It’s a boosting treatment that really gets you motivated to start looking after yourself and your body.

Drink Water and Eat Red: Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, 2 liters per day, and increasing hydration in your skincare regime as well. If you don’t like plain water, add lemon or cucumber slices, a few strawberries or mint leaves, you’ll even get some added nutrients. It’s also very important to increase antioxidant consumption because the exposure of radicals to the sun damages collagen. Eat antioxidant rich red foods, fruits and other aliments that are red in color like berries or plums, grapes, cherries. 

Go Outside and Get Moving: The days are longer, the sun sets later in the evening, so if you’ve been inside at work all day take 20 minutes to breathe and walk outside before going home. Also, do all your fitness activities out of doors: be it running or yoga, doing it in the open air has additional benefits. Daylight will give you the vitamin D that you need, better your mood and increase happiness!

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