What works best for wrinkles under eyes ?

What works best for wrinkles under eyes ?

Under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet are a natural part of skin’s ageing. It's inevitable that the eye area is one of the first places where you may notice wrinkles.

Due to the fact that the skin around the eyes is extremely thinner than the rest of the face. Also because the eyes are the area where we have a lot of expressions without realizing it: the smile, the fluttering of the eyelashes... Therefore it's normal that wrinkles and fine lines may be more visible on these areas than on the rest of the face. But don't panic! At Decleor we have solutions to take care of them and even be able to reduce them slightly!

Another factor must be considered: the lifestyle factors such as sun damage, pollution, stress can lead to fine lines appearing sooner, it’s because of that 2 different factors natural and external that at Decléor we have thought of two ways to treat wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes :




To help with fine lines, and for a brighter eye and a smoother eye contour, Decléor’s Peony Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Absolute helps plump the eye contour and lends skin an illuminating effect with 78% of women saying their skin felt more radiant* and 16% saying their number of wrinkles were reduced. **

Formulated with Peony, Lychee, Rhodiola, and Cafeina extracts and Adenosine, this non-greasy and non-perfumed eye cream is rapidly absorbed when applied morning and evening and has been approved by professional beauty therapists.


Talking about beauty therapists, we have worked with a French therapist Othilie Denarie to co-develop specific gestures to be done all around the face helping to reduce the signs of ageing.

The product and the ingredients are very important to treat the skin, and accompanied with specific gestures the result will be dramatic! Around the eyes, the gesture named “PIANO” must be done every day to reduce wrinkles and relax the skin.
Do it for 3 minutes you’ll have results immediately on the contour of eyes, for crow’s feet it will take more time. 

Click to discover the full White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Range. This luxurious collection specifically helps target signs of anti-ageing, including dehydration, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation for firmer, plumper, and smoother-looking skin.

To fully experience Decléor, book a treatment appointment at your nearest institute or spa. To find your Decléor skincare products, shop at your nearest institutes & spas, pharmacies or selected stores.


*Clinical test performed on 51 women
**Clinical test performed on 52 women

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