Micellar Oil

Make-up Remover for Face

face micellar oil

In a flash, this luxurious oil cleans your face and removes even the most hard-to-clean make-up, including eyeshadow. Its unique, fluid texture slides across your skin and effectively dissolves away all impurities, leaving behind skin that's completely clean. Suitable for all skin types. No parabens. No mineral oil. No dyes.


All traces of make-up are removed from your skin. Skin texture is more refined and pores are tightened.


Applying this product

Apply 1 to 2 pumps of the oil to your palm. Do not wet hands. Gently apply to your dry face using circular movements to remove every last trace of dirt and make-up. Apply a small amount of water to your face and use light, smoothing motions across your skin to cover your entire face and remove all impurities. Repeat until the oil becomes milky. Thoroughly rinse with water.

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