Face night care

Discover all our night care for face on official Decléor website. Decléor, the reference of Aromatherapy product and spa treatments based on essential oils.

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New packaging Night Balm Neroli Bigarade

Night Balm Neroli Bigarade Dehydrated Skin | Neroli Bigarade

  • Hydrating
  • Anti-stress
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Night Balm Rose Damascena

Night Balm Rose Damascena Sensitive Skin | Rose Damascena

  • Nourishing
  • anti-redness
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Night Balm Lavender Fine

Night Balm Lavender Fine Lack of Firmness | Lavender Fine

  • firming
  • Anti-wrinkles
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Night Balm White Magnolia

Night Balm White Magnolia Mature Skin | White Magnolia

  • Global anti-ageing
  • reconstituting
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Night Balm Green Mandarin

Night Balm Green Mandarin Glowing Skin | Green Mandarin

  • Vitamin Glow
  • anti-fatigue
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Night Balm Rosemary Officinalis

Night Balm Rosemary Officinalis Combination & Oily Skin | Rosemary officinalis

  • reduce sebum
  • anti-imperfection
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New packaging sleeping mask

sleeping mask Dull Skin | Sweet Orange

  • anti-dark spot
  • refined skin texture
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Intensive Cure - 60 Nights White Magnolia

Intensive Cure - 60 Nights White Magnolia Mature Skin | White Magnolia

  • glow
  • brightening
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