Cistus essential oil Essential Oils for skincare

About Cistus

INCI name
Essential oil name
Cistus essential oil
Portugal, Spain
Part used
Extraction method
Steam distillation
6 to 7 ML of cistus essential oil with 1 KG of plant*
*Franchomme, P. La science des huiles essentielles médicinales. (Guy Trédaniel, 2015).

About the plant

Common names
Cistus, Gum rockrose, Laudanum.
Latin name
Cistus ladanifer
Botanical family

Our expert Dr Françoise Couic Marinier tells you all about essential oils.

Cistus Essential Oil has been used for centuries thanks to its ability to heal wounds. Nowadays, we use it for its wide-ranging benefits, frequently used in aromatherapy to treat a whole array of conditions for the mind, health and even skin.

Here’s all you need to know about Cistus Oil and why you should incorporate it into your daily rituals.