Cistus essential oil Essential Oils for skincare

About Cistus

INCI name
Essential oil name
Cistus essential oil
Portugal, Spain
Part used
Extraction method
Steam distillation
6 to 7 ML of cistus essential oil with 1 KG of plant*
*Franchomme, P. La science des huiles essentielles médicinales. (Guy Trédaniel, 2015).

About the plant

Common names
Cistus, Gum rockrose, Laudanum.
Latin name
Cistus ladanifer
Botanical family

Our expert Dr Françoise Couic Marinier tells you all about essential oils.

Cistus Essential Oil has been used for centuries thanks to its ability to heal wounds. Nowadays, we use it for its wide-ranging benefits, frequently used in aromatherapy to treat a whole array of conditions for the mind, health and even skin.

Here’s all you need to know about Cistus Oil and why you should incorporate it into your daily rituals.

Benefits of Cistus Essential Oil

1. Anti-infection

Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Cistus Essential Oil has powerful benefits when it comes to purifying and preventing infection.

Dr Couic Marinier goes on to explain, “Cistus Essential Oil inhibits the growth of bacteria”.

2. Wound healing

Cistus Essential Oil has unique healing properties that work to slow the bleeding from a fresh wound. This enables the would to heal more quickly.

3. Anti-inflammatory

Whether it’s sore muscles, joint pain or problems with the respiratory system, inflammation in the body can be extremely uncomfortable.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Cistus Oil, combined with its pain-relieving benefits, work to soothe tender skin and aids recovery as an effective natural painkiller.

4. Aids respiratory system

Cistus Essential Oil can help to rid the respiratory system of excess mucus and blockages.

Cistus Essential Oil can effectively treat problems such as colds, coughs, bronchitis and asthma.

What is Cistus Essential Oil used for?


A powerful combination of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties make Cistus Essential Oil highly soothing for the skin.

Whether your complexion is irritated by sunburn, acne or even rosacea, this potent oil sinks deep into the epidermis to calm the affected area. Skin will be left smoother and more luminous.

Other Essential Oils that can have a calming effect on the skin are Petitgrain Oil and Frankincense Oil.


According to Dr Couic Marinier, “Cistus Oil works extremely effectively in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines”.

If anti-ageing is your primary concern, also look to Lemon Oil and Clary Sage Oil to help keep your complexion youthful.


As a well renowned healer, Cistus Oil is an essential ingredient to help repair and renew your skin. When used topically, it works to diminish blemishes, scars or acne-marks to leave skin even and healthy.

Where does Cistus Essential Oil come from ?

Cistus is a perennial, flowering plant that is native to France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Cistus Essential Oil comes from the steam distillation of the dried, flowering plants and produces a sweet, honey-like fragrance.

History of Cistus Essential Oil

Ancient origins

According to Dr Couic Marinier, “researchers have discovered traces of the Cistus plant in prehistoric caves”.

A sacred plant

Among the Kings of Israel, the Cistus tree was one of the five sacred aromas of holy anointing.

A happy coincidence

The medicinal properties of Cistus Essential Oil were first discovered by accident.

Thousands of years ago, some shepherds tried to remove the gum of the Cistus plant that would get stuck in the coats of the grazing sheep. They noticed that where the gum had touched the cuts on their hands, their wounds healed quicker than normal.

Facts about Cistus Essential Oil


A plant of many names:

Cistus is also known as Rock Rose, Rose of Sharon and Labdanum.


A zen oil

For centuries, Cistus Essential Oil has been used during meditation, since it evokes feelings of peacefulness and tranquility.


Emotional pain

Cistus Oil has long been used to help people through periods of trauma and emotional pain. In fact, the ancient Egyptians used its therapeutic properties in their famous incense Kyphi, which was used to alter the mood and stimulate feelings of euphoria.

With its healing, rejuvenating and soothing effects, adopting Cistus Essential Oil can work wonders for your mind, skin and health.