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Botanical Heroes

Published on 06/04/2016

The power of nature hides many treasures. And only a Botanical elite is able to build molecules to heal the skin and offer us some precious essential oils.

Spring has sprung! Like sleeping beauties, nature’s elite botanicals awaken in April. By June these aromatic plants will have roused all of their superpowers just in time for harvesting.

“Essential oils are the soul of the plant,” notes Pharmacist and Aromatologist Pierre Albano Moretti. They are naturally powerful allies for overall health and wellness, the key to finding harmony, balance and beauty, inside and out. What’s more, aromatic plants have multi-facetted personalities and can magically adapt to their environment. “If these plants were human, they’d definitely be women of character,” Dr. Albano Moretti observes. Some theories even support that Natural Intelligence was surrounding us way before Artificial Intelligence: neuroscientists have observed certain species for considerable lengths of time and they now know that some plants “sleep, communicate between themselves and can even manipulate other species,” writes Michael Pollan in the foreword he wrote for the book Brilliant Green by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola. “I would say aromatic plants represent an obvious evolutionary stage. They are sophisticates of the botanical world, due to their fragrances and the powers of their many health benefits... I love to say that natural essential oils are concentrated sun in a bottle! Their virtues as a skin care alternative are really able to bring us proven advantages,” says Decléor expert Michel Faucon, an estimated PhD in pharmacy and aromatologist.

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