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Bullet journal – track the past, balance the present and see the future!

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Alerts on your phone that get annoying within a day or two, countless memos on your desk… It’s not easy to stay organized while keeping your calm and balance. What if everything you need to remember could fit in one notebook? Well, that’s the promise of the bullet journal. More than just an organisation trend, it allows you to enrich your life and focus on what really matters.

Set it up in five minutes

Halfway between a diary, a to-do list and a planner, the bullet journal may seem very complex at first, but fear not: it can be set up in just a few minutes.

  1. The first step is the Index: a simple page description and the corresponding page number. You’ll fill it up as time goes by.
  2. Then set up your monthly log. Write the month you’re in at the top of the page, then list all the days and write events to remember next to it.
  3. Finally, the daily log. It’s the very essence of the bullet journal. List practical things, like appointments, but also personal events. To simplify the process, create “signifiers”; a square for a task, a circle for facts to remember…

Keep it simple

All you need to remember for an effective bullet journal is to keep it simple.

You can log anything in this diary: important meetings, to-do lists, birthday reminders… but it can be expanded to anything you want to track: glasses of water to drink daily, weekly facial scrub not to forget… This is the beauty of the bullet journal: you can do whatever you want with it. But don’t try to write everything down or all the data and notes will soon overwhelm you, making the diary clutter. The same goes with the aesthetic part. Organisation gurus may be posting beautiful pictures of their decorated diary on Instagram, but that does not mean yours have to look the same. Plain lists and scribbled notes will do just fine.

Enrich the present

A bullet journal is not just useful to organize your future: it also helps refocus on the present, and be thankful for it.

Why not make a daily entry about all the little things that made you happy that day? Or write a list of all the good deeds you did this week, and challenge you to do better on the next? A bullet journal is not just a planner, it can also be your secret diary. And if you ever feel frustrated, you can turn to it to write it down and find comfort and positivity. A list of inspiring mantras, feel-good movies or yoga movements: possibilities are endless! 


There are as many bullet journals as there are people. The key is to not compare yours to others’. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what make you feel balanced, energized and peaceful.

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