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Cranberry Oil

Published on 01/06/2016

This small fruit native to North America is a true concentrate of culinary and cosmetic benefits. Its multi-purpose oil is ideal for pampering all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The cranberry is grown only in the northern hemisphere, mainly in the United States and Canada. Widely appreciated in these regions for many years, its consumption has become more widespread in Europe over the past fifteen years or so.

Its berries are harvested in early autumn and processed to make juice, sauce, oil or food supplements. Cranberry oil is derived from the first cold pressing of the seeds and is used in extract form in cosmetic products or food seasonings.

The ultimate regenerating oil

A real shield against the cold, cranberry oil helps the driest skin. As well as having a softening effect on the epidermis, it also helps to alleviate minor irritations. Its balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 makes it a perfect anti-inflammatory oil and one of the most effective emollient oils. In addition, its rich vitamin E content gives it a strong antioxidant power, making it a perfect ally for mature sensitive skin. Its benefits are also used in dietary supplements to boost the epidermis and restore hair strength.

An antioxidant on the table

Cranberry is highly appreciated and in different forms, in particular in the United States, where it is even the star berry served with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. It can be processed to make a delicious jam, sauce or an oil to season salads and raw vegetables. It is also found in a vitamin C-rich juice, an ideal breakfast choice thanks to its antioxidant and invigorating properties. A delicious taste with an added health benefit.

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