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Essential oil of Jasmine Absolute

Published on 11/10/2016

To promote serenity, soothe both skin and mind, relax facial features and more. Jasmine Absolute is a precious essential oil that is used in aromatherapy by virtue of its many properties.

It takes 7 million delicate jasmine flowers to make one litre of the very precious essential oil of Jasmine Absolute. Originating in tropical climates, it is also grown in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a star in the French town of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. Its little white flowers are picked by hand very early in the morning, when they are at their most fragrant and their active molecules are most powerful. “Jasminum grandiflorum” or “officinale” is a royal flower which offers a package of positive effects for body and mind!

Traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as well as in Hindu religious ceremonies, this plant was imported to Europe in the 16th century. Essential oil of jasmine absolute now serves as a constant inspiration for the fragrance and cosmetics sector, in body care and face care products.

An anti-fatigue power

With its sweet and exotic scent, conjuring up images of distant lands, this soothing plant of serenity helps to combat stress and fatigue. The core ingredient in the Aurabsolu range, the essential oil has the power to brighten skin and diminish signs of fatigue. Diffuse its fresh, floral fragrance in your home at the end of the day to promote restful sleep.

A floral flavour for cooking

This essential oil’s smooth, floral flavour makes it an ideal ingredient for cooking. It adds a surprising note to poultry, white fish or sea food and brings out the exotic taste of basmati rice. It elevates creams to a new dimension (milkshakes, crème brûlée, whipped cream, etc.), and gives cakes, shortbread and other home-made biscuits an even more personal touch.

A delicious approach to well-being!

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