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Essential oil of Ylang Ylang

Published on 11/08/2016

This tropical flower is not simply a fragrance star. Beyond olfactory pleasure, essential oil of ylang ylang offers numerous benefits: from relaxing to purifying and more.

What is the secret of its exotic name? A huge and majestic tree that can grow to a height of over 20 metres, a giant with delicate yellow flowers. The very sound of its name transports us to tropical climes and evokes its wafting sensual and heady fragrance. Ylang ylang is the emblem of Indonesia where its name means "flower of flowers”. So it is hardly surprising that it has become such a star in the fragrance world of the West.

A well-being aid

This enchanting flower is also associated with well-being, hence its success in aromatherapy. Its fragrance is often the backdrop to a relaxing experience, such as a massage in a salon or spa. This essential oil helps to soothe agitation, nervousness, anxiety, irritability and sleep problems. In short, all the factors associated with everyday stress.

In cosmetics, it is the ultimate purifying essential oil. Blended with essential oils of sage and lemon, it comes to the aid of oily and combination skin, tightens pores and revives the complexion.

An essential oil for your home

Although widely used in Asia to flavour sweet foods and confectionary, ylang ylang is a rare ingredient in Western cuisine. Nevertheless, this essential oil is ideal for enhancing desserts. Just single drop, and no more, elevates ice creams, smoothies, compotes or fruit salads to a whole new level.

It shares many features with jasmine absolute as, like its twin sister, it too is recommended as an application or in an essential oil diffuser to soothe emotional shock, calm the body and restore its natural rhythm. Diffuse daily in your home to promote relaxation and well-being!

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