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Essential oils for use around the home

Published on 01/06/2016

Most essential oils have purifying properties, offering a whole range of natural powers to enhance your home life. Ideal for the winter season.

Wake up your sense of smell

Animals are not the only ones to hibernate. In cold weather, we too prefer to hide away in our cosy homes. Diffusing essential oils that stimulate our sense of smell can make these cocooning moments even sweeter and more serene. Best of all, as well as their pleasant fragrances and effectiveness in masking unpleasant cooking or cigarette smoke odours, essential oils also help to purify our environment during a peak period for viruses and other winter ailments. Which oils with these star qualities should you circulate using an electric diffuser, a pebble or by pouring a few drops onto a ceramic dish? Opt for bergamot, sweet orange or true lavender essential oils.

Excite the taste buds

More and more chefs are opting for essential oils in combination with various dishes. The main attraction is the ability to conjure up warm, summery and vibrant flavours in the depths of winter. Rather than bland basil or peppermint leaves from greenhouses, add one or two drops of essential oil to your culinary creations, from salad dressings to desserts, to transform your recipes. They also make ideal substitutes for dried aromatic herbs, thyme, tarragon or sage. One drop of essential oil is equivalent to around 10 grams of fresh herbs. Always opt for 100% pure and natural versions, making sure that they are perfectly edible if you plan to consume them.

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