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Guru of the Month: Aria Crescendo

Published on 05/04/2016

Dancer, singer, athlete, yoga guru and celebrity coach, Aria Crescendo is an energetic and uber creative individual. Let’s give a big welcome to our May Guru of the Month!

#How to breathe

Come to my classes and learn how! There are different ways to breathe for different situations depending on what you need, like if you want to calm down, or reenergize, or prepare for a physical effort, or open up your ribcage, or take care of digestive problems, to name just a few. I’m from Los Angeles and culturally wellness is my lifestyle. If you want to attain your dream body you won’t likely find it in a fast food joint!

#Anti Stress

If you’re stressed out or tired try the upside down yoga postures as they flood the brain with blood and it is really relaxing. Plus these postures get rid of wrinkles like magic! But please don’t try it at home alone: be safe and do it with a yoga teacher so you don’t hurt yourself.

#Healthy Treats

I love superfoods like chlorella and spirulina and also Chinese herbs. I’m always looking for new stuff! I love coconut water and drink it e-ve-ry-day! Other great things are fresh juices blended with acai; I cut up aloe vera leaves and add them into my smoothies, mix in some honey, dates or Stevia to keep it naturally sweet.  Plenty of nutrients resulting in beautiful skin – despite the pollution we live in!

#New Projects

Healthy Warriors is my new yoga studio, just 10 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower! We open on May 15th and are officially launching in September. It’s a 150m2 centre of wellbeing including a bar with gluten free snacks and a lot of different yoga classes and teachers. I’ve got a new book coming out this autumn about yoga, superfoods and healthy living. I’m also going to be a TV columnist on a new TF1 show, the first French TV channel, in June.

Healthy Warriors Yoga Studio, 30, rue Carnot 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt


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