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Published on 06/14/2016

Almost summer and still in town? Get your body ready for the season with Decléor’s Exfoliating Treatment that intensely smooths and nourishes your skin in just 30 minutes.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t like scrubs. I love to be pampered and I love relaxing massages but scrubs are not my cup of tea.  But hey, sometimes duty calls, so when Decléor urged me to try the Red Island Exfoliating Ritual 30 Minute Body Scrub (or “Graines de fruits gommantes”) with fruit grain exfoliators I ran to the new Paris Institute to try it out.

Of course there was a lot of traffic on the day of my treatment. I was late and I felt like I needed a massage more than ever at 10 AM. Virginie Roussel, the charming day spa manager, warmly welcomed me. While I was checking my phone for new urgent matters, a little voice in my head interjected, ‘try to be in the moment – even if you know you’re already late for your next appointment. Turn it off,”. And I did. Virginie accompanied me to the cabin. The atmosphere was serene and calm.

I lay down on the soft and warm mattress, I was already beginning to destress. Virginie simply explained, “It’s not just a body exfoliation, it’s a whole treatment.” I closed my eyes and tried to figure out how it could be more than a scrub, just as gentle music began and a pleasant recorded voice softly gave me advice about respiration. Virginie was already firmly massaging my hands with Aromessence Neroli and performing acupressure on energy points. I breathed in the sweet fragrance on my hands three times and I felt my heartbeat calming down. Then the scrubbing began. It was mild and vigorous at the same time, soft and oily, with a woody spicy fragrance. The recipe contains indeed spices, pepper, ginger essential oil but also fine vegetal exfoliating particles derived from fruit seeds (argan, orange and apricot).

All of me, all over, my legs, my arms, my chest, and again all over the back of my body. It felt like relaxation and stretching, like rolling in the sand in the middle of summer, like a scrubbing massage. In fact I felt my cells saying thank you as they ran up and down through my lymph and blood system again! It was as if my whole body awoke! The effect is 10 times more powerful than a shower. The half hour length of the treatment was not at all frustrating even if I usually prefer an hour long massage. At the end I jumped into the shower and realised that my whole body was wrapped in an oily layer – I mean nothing greasy, but a soft and enveloping cocoon. And the luminous glow, the cleansed and refined skin texture effect lasted for several days! Virginie says it’s perfect for all skin types (especially very dry), men or women, and you can have the treatment either before your massage or just by itself.

My skin is incredibly smooth! Even though I scrub regularly at home I’m definitely not that efficient and it’s never that well done. I totally forgot about the stress even though I was still late and running to my next appointment but it didn’t really matter. I was revitalised and ready to conquer Paris!

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