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The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Published on 07/11/2016

Need a summer boost - despite the heat? Want to feel as light and tonic as a ballerina? Try Circulagel to keep you moving free and easy!

Summer is here (or maybe you made a smart move by choosing a spot where there is sun and heat)! Some unwanted side effects that spoil all the fun often come along with warm temperatures. Like heavy legs, that particularly unpleasant sensation that can be due to venous unsufficiency or bad arterial circulation, when all we want are bare limbs and short skirts.

Circulagel is enriched with plant extracts, the core of Decléor’s recipes, and a highly effective (paraben free) treatment for instant leg relief. Its ultra-refreshing gel texture is quickly absorbed into the skin and immediately energises and revives tired and sleepy legs. The ‘Aroma Dynamic Refreshing Toning Gel’ effect lasts for hours, like coming out of a bracingly fresh river after a swim. The active role of witch hazel and arnica floral waters help legs feel toned and dynamic, while menthol and camphor make legs feel light and revitalised, fit and vivified, and relieve the sensation of fatigue.

Get addicted (like us) and use it daily! Massage it in gently starting at your feet up to the top of your legs. The best way to stay fresh and invigorated all summer long!


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