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What actions can you take to combat the effects of cold weather?

Published on 01/24/2016

In very cold periods in the middle of winter, the quest for soft and beautiful skin requires patience. But there’s no need to wait for the return of fine weather. There are various steps you can take to help your skin navigate the cold season with ease.

Prevent falls in temperature

To avoid days where your skin feels tight, or even cracks or flakes, apply a cream formulated for tired skin in the morning, such as the Soin d’Éveil Concentré de Lumière Aurabsolu. Follow this with a soothing cream such as Aromessence Rose d'Orient at night. The active ingredients will then act throughout the night and form a barrier against the cold when you wake up.

Building layers

In cold weather, it is our skin that suffers most.  As the temperature drops, blood flow is increasingly concentrated on the vital organs and this vasoconstriction effect can weaken the epidermis. Keeping your hands and feet wrapped up warmly is vital to maintain your skin’s comfort and optimal nutrition.

In the same way that layering fabrics has beneficial effects for the body, layers of skincare products can also bring benefits for the face. In very harsh conditions, you can use this layering (onion) technique to boost hydration by applying a serum or an Aromessence before your day cream.

Warming up from the inside out

Certain foods have the ability to regulate body temperature. Take advantage of their cold-fighting properties by adding them to your winter dishes.

Green tea is an amazing antioxidant that helps to strengthen immunity and also has strong antibacterial properties. Pepper, cumin and cinnamon have a vasodilating effect. Ginger also promotes blood circulation, and therefore the correct distribution of essential nutrients throughout the body. Slow sugars help to ensure the slow release of energy in the body. Tailor your winter menus to support your skin’s well-being.

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